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ÜLKA Premium - Nail Dust Collector - 800m3/h

ÜLKA Premium - Nail Dust Collector - 800m3/h

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Sometimes called "dust collector on steroids", it is a dust collector for nails designed by masters.

ÜLKA - it is a black hole for dust. Designed for professional use in nail salons.

✅ Low noise level (up to 45 db) compared to other mobile dust collectors.

✅ Made of premium materials, scratch resistant.

✅ 800 m3/hour extraction rate - does not disperse dust to the sides.

✅ For daily and long-hour use under intensive workload.

Energy-saving ECO 52W fan that outperforms regular 100W fans.

We are the official distributor of ÜLKA brand. We offer 2 years manufacturer warranty.

Why is it the #1 premium class nail dust collector?

It has 2-3 times more suction power than other dust collectors in this price category.

It is about phenomenal efficiency - 800 m³/h.

Noise level?

✅ Compared to other mobile models (which have a noise level of up to 65 db), it has the lowest noise level of 45 db.

Unlike most dust collectors - it has a centrifugal fan, which makes the noise more pleasant to the ear.

However, like other portable nail dust collectors, it is louder than built-in models.

Never again scatter dust to the side.

The entire top surface collects dust and it is huge.

Its suction power is so great that it can even collect dust while standing upright. Although we do not recommend it ;)


Scratch resistant, designed to last.

Unlike Chinese-made extractors that you find on Amazon -.

ULKA Premium is manufactured using a treated modified plastic.

This means it won't break after two weeks of use, as is often the case with cheap Chinese materials.

No more inhaling dust - why HEPA filter is the best solution?

Nail dust collectors with bags - a bad idea. But why?

The fan blows dust into the bag, constantly stirring up dust, most of which flies everywhere. And again, you breathe in that dust.

The HEPA filter is a thin, industrial grade filter that doesn't blow the dust out. A bag can't do that.

You can easily take it out and clean it with a hair dryer, or just dust it off.

You don't have to replace it every time.

How does it differ from the Holivica V3 model?
ULKA Premium is characterized by exceptional dust extraction power.

It is quieter, as it has a significantly larger fan made of metal, which reduces friction. In addition, the sound is more pleasant, as larger fans produce noise at a lower frequency.

It has a larger upper dust extraction surface.
Made of a higher standard material. It is resistant to scratches and shocks.


Does not fit? You have a hassle-free return 🏷️
You have 14 days to return the product. You do not have to give a reason for the return.

Do we issue a VAT invoice? - Yes, provide your EU VAT at checkout.

Is a filter already included? - Yes



Weight - 2.6 kg
Dimensions - 26.5 x 24.5 x 11 cm (length x width x height)
Power: 52W
Suction power: 800 m³/h
Made in Ukraine.

Filter maintenance

After completing the work, clean the filter.

Gently tap the filter over the trash can a few times.

Avoid using a wet filter.

How often should the filter be replaced?

The filter should be replaced every 2–3 months (depending on usage frequency).

Using a worn-out filter reduces the effectiveness of the nail dust collector.

  • 24-months Warranty
  • 14-days Hassle-free return
  • Free delivery in EU
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